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Mozilla FireFox: download the free Mozzila FireFox web browser

Download FireFox then come back to this page using FireFox to install the useful plugins.

I've been using the Mozilla FireFox for some time now and I can recommend it to all internet surfers out there.

The only problem I had is having to install all the plugins I like on my work and home computer. That's why I made a quick list of the plugins I use below. Now I can download FireFox and the plugins I need from one easy page. Hopefully you'll find this page useful.


I'm running my Mozzila FireFox with the following plugins installed:

  • Google Toolbar. Excellent tool, to search directly from your browser. If you've use the banner above to download FireFox, the Google toolbar is included.
  • WebDeveloper. Provides quick access to a number of settings in FireFox. En/Disable JavaScript, CSS options, Re-size the browser window and much more useful stuff.
  • Clone Window. One of the Internet Explorer features I missed in Mozilla FireFox was that I didn't get a new version of the current window when opening a new window. Fortunately this plugin solved that problem. I haven't tried it (it's on my todo list) is to test the Duplicate Tab extension, it looks promising.
  • User Agent Switcher. Let's you pretend to be any browser, for sites that require Internet Explorer. From the same developer as the WebDeveloper toolbar above.
  • Switch Proxy. Quickly change proxies, ideal for checking whether other people see your websites the same as you do.
  • The following entries are more Web Development / Search Engine related and might not be relevent for all.
    • Live HTTP Headers. View which status headers are send back to your browser.
    • Fangs: The Screen Reader Emulator. Emulates the pages as if you are looking at it with a screen reader. Will help you create accessible pages. Which reminds me, I should probably test my pages to see whether they are still ok.
    • Search Status. Gives quick access to some the number of pages indexed and the number of backwards links for the three major search engines. (Google, MSN and Yahoo)

Mozzila FireFox, Mozzilla FireFox or Modzilla FireFox?

The official spelling of the web browser is: Mozilla FireFox. I've come across some obvious and some entertaining misspellings of my favourite browser on the internet. They are listed in increasing silliness:

  • Mozzila FireFox
  • Mozzilla FireFox
  • Mozila FireFox
  • Mozill FireFox
  • Monzilla FireFox
  • Moxilla FireFox
  • Mozella FireFox
  • Morzilla FireFox
  • Motzilla FireFox
  • Modzilla FireFox
  • Mazilla FireFox
  • Mozzarella FireFox

I *so* think the last one should have been the official name :)

Also have a look at my separate Modzilla site as there is more information including loads of tips & tricks, comparison between versions and other info there.