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Download Google Picassa 2 Free - Google Picasa photo software

I've been using Picasa 2.0 software for over a year now to help me organise my photos. I've got a large collection (20.000+) of photographs which I made with my digital camera. I've given all the pictures a sensible name and stored them in a directory structure ordered by occasion.

Organise pictures with Picasa

Picassa 2 from Google is a great free program that lets you organise and quickly find pictures. The program easily lets you find a pictures by searching for part of a filename or folder name. It has a very good thumbnail overview. If you search for a filename it automatically shows thumbnails of all the files. Best of all it updates the selection while you are typing your search words. It also has the option of adding labels to your photos so you can easily categorise them.

Picassa screenshot

Picassa screenshot [Labels / Folders and Thumbnails]

Editing pictures with Picasa without worry

Picasa has some basic features to edit pictures. It easy to try all the options, all changes you make are stored but are not directly applied to your original pictures. You can easily undo any changes. Picasa automatically stores all your edits to your pictures.

  • Crop: Make a cut out of an interesting section
  • Straighten: Easily fix pictures which are at an angle
  • Red eye: Remove those werewolf eyes
  • Auto contrast: Quick fix for better contrast
  • Auto colour: Quick fix to improve on colour
  • I'm Feeling Lucky: Automatically apply optimisation filters on the picture. See the image below.

Quick fix example

Before I'm Feeling Luck

Picassa screenshot I'm Feeling lucky before

After I'm Feeling Lucky

Picassa screenshot I'm Feeling Lucky results

Tuning options

  • Fill light
  • High lights
  • Shadows
  • Colour temperature

Edit effects

Picassa has a number of built in effects you can apply to your pictures. The main ones are:

  • Sepia
  • Sharpen
  • B&W
  • Graduated Tint

I can only say, why don't you try the free picassa 2 download for yourself. It's free so you won't loose any money on it!

PS. I'm wondering where Google got the name for the new Picasa download, it sounds very similar to Picaso / Picasso as in the famous painter.