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Reset sort order in File Open and File Save dialog box (Windows XP)

I've had a couple of times that the sort order of 'Open File(s)' and 'Save As' dialog boxes in Windows XP got all messed up. Instead of showing files and folders alphabetically it sorted them on Modified date instead.

There is a really easy solution:

  • Open either a 'Open File(s)' or 'Save As' dialog box.
    You can do this in any program you like (Word, Excel, Notepad, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Set the sort order to how you like it.
    (Right click anywhere that isn't a file and select 'Arrange Icons By' > Name / Size / Type / Modified
  • Hold the Ctrl key and close the dialog box by clicking on the Red cross on the top right corner.

Next time you open any 'Open File(s)' or 'Save As' dialog box you should see your preferred sort order.

Unfortunately it doesn't work to set 'View Menu', as I would often like to use 'Detailed view' instead of 'List'. If you find a solution for this please give me a shout!

Solution found in comments on a thread at [ - broken] posted here for my future reference as I'm sure it will happen again, and I'll have to start scratching my head again to figure out how to get it back.