Pagebreaks printing Excel

When printing multiple sheets from an Excel workbook to a PDF file, seemingly random page breaks can be introduced which force some PDF writers to split the printed pages over multiple files. The solution is here.

How to remove unwanted page breaks when printing Excel sheets

The page breaks are caused by changes in 'Print quality' settings. Excel seems to randomly adjust these on certain actions. To fix the issues set the same print quality dpi number for all pages.

  • Select the sheets you want to print
  • In the menu go to File > Print Preview
  • For each page individual page
    • Click 'Setup...' button
    • Set 'Print quality' to the same number as the other pages.

I've found that it's often only the first page on a sheet where the Print quality changes, so you may not need to check the settings for each individual page of each sheet.

You should now be able to print the collection of all Excel sheets into a single PDF using a PDF writer (affiliate link).