Word Strikethrough Shortcut

Create a Word Strikethrough Keyboard Shortcut

In Microsoft Excel you can use the Ctrl+5 keyboard shortcut to make a text strikethrough. Word doesn't have this feature out of the box, but it is easy to setup.

  • In the Tools Menu select the Customize option.
  • Select the Commands Tab and click the Keyboard button
  • In 'Categories' select 'Format' and in 'Commands' scroll down to 'Strikethrough'
  • Enter a new shortcut key (e.g. Ctrl+5) and click 'Assign' button.

You can now use the Ctrl+5 shortcut to make a selection strikethrough (or toggle it back to normal again).

Use the same instructions to setup/change custom shortcuts for: Double Strikethrough, Superscript (Ctrl++), Subscript (Ctrl+=), Small caps (Ctrl+Shift+K), All caps (Ctrl+Shift_A), Hidden (Ctrl+Shift_H), Font size, Font colour.