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Here you can find software I've written and other assorted bits and pieces. The list below show the latest stuff I've added or changed on the site. Ooohhh and I can always recommend the Everything is 4 page.

This website originally used to feature a number of famous logos rebranded to Marijn. A couple of them can still be found floating around, but most of them have been removed. I thought it a good time to give this website an update. I've incorporated a number of random websites of mine which where spread around the internet into this website. I'd say have a look around and let me know what you think.

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My other sites

My Fun Studio has several online editors that allow you to create cool stuff. The Periodic Table Writer and Customised London Street Sign maker are the first two designs available. You can now download the Periodic Table font.

Take a look atDestination Darts a website that replaces the old fashioned map and dart. The ideal website if you are looking for a holiday destination!

My I Love Maker website allows you to create high quality I Love Logos on I Love Heart Studio.

Make your own Keep Calm and ... posters on my website Keep Calm Studio, you can also download the custom Keep Calm font!

I've written some articles on how to best make a panorama photo. The tutorial is divided in two parts: Part 1 looks at making the panorama photograph using any digital camera and part 2 explains how to use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to stitch the panorama photos together.

Mozilla FireFox: I recommend downloading and installing the free Mozzila FireFox web browser. IMHO Mozzila FireFox is by far the best browser at the moment. Also have a look at my separate Modzilla site as there is more information there.