Counting from 0 (dim) to 100 (cant) in Welsh (masculine)

Notes: Welsh uses different forms for masculine and feminine versions of counting words. The masculine versions are used here, referring to two, three and four. The feminine versions are 'dwy', 'tair' and 'pedair' respectively.

Subsequently, larger number containing these three numbers would change if describing 'feminine' categories - e.g. 'tair ar ddeg merch' (thirteen females) but 'tri ar ddeg bachgen' (thirteen boys). The number 'encapsulates' the word in such instances, so the most natural way to convey 'thirteen females' is 'tair merch ar ddeg'.

Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
11un deg un(9)
12un deg dau(10)
13un deg tri(10)
14un deg pedwar(13)
15un deg pump(11)
16un deg chwech(13)
17un deg saith(12)
18un deg wyth(11)
19un deg naw(10)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
20dau ddeg(8)
21dau ddeg un(11)
22dau ddeg dau(12)
23dau ddeg tri(12)
24dau ddeg pedwar(15)
25dau ddeg pump(13)
26dau ddeg chwech(15)
27dau ddeg saith(14)
28dau ddeg wyth(13)
29dau ddeg naw(12)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
30tri deg(7)
31tri deg un(10)
32tri deg dau(11)
33tri deg tri(11)
34tri deg pedwar(14)
35tri deg pump(12)
36tri deg chwech(14)
37tri deg saith(13)
38tri deg wyth(12)
39tri deg naw(11)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
40pedwar deg(10)
41pedwar deg un(13)
42pedwar deg dau(14)
43pedwar deg tri(14)
44pedwar deg pedwar(17)
45pedwar deg pump(15)
46pedwar deg chwech(17)
47pedwar deg saith(16)
48pedwar deg wyth(15)
49pedwar deg naw(14)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
50pum deg(7)
51pum deg un(10)
52pum deg dau(11)
53pum deg tri(11)
54pum deg pedwar(14)
55pum deg pump(12)
56pum deg chwech(14)
57pum deg saith(13)
58pum deg wyth(12)
59pum deg naw(11)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
60chwe deg(8)
61chwe deg un(11)
62chwe deg dau(12)
63chwe deg tri(12)
64chwe deg pedwar(15)
65chwe deg pump(13)
66chwe deg chwech(15)
67chwe deg saith(14)
68chwe deg wyth(13)
69chwe deg naw(12)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
70saith deg(9)
71saith deg un(12)
72saith deg dau(13)
73saith deg tri(13)
74saith deg pedwar(16)
75saith deg pump(14)
76saith deg chwech(16)
77saith deg saith(15)
78saith deg wyth(14)
79saith deg naw(13)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
80wyth deg(8)
81wyth deg un(11)
82wyth deg dau(12)
83wyth deg tri(12)
84wyth deg pedwar(15)
85wyth deg pump(13)
86wyth deg chwech(15)
87wyth deg saith(14)
88wyth deg wyth(13)
89wyth deg naw(12)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)
90naw deg(7)
91naw deg un(10)
92naw deg dau(11)
93naw deg tri(11)
94naw deg pedwar(14)
95naw deg pump(12)
96naw deg chwech(14)
97naw deg saith(13)
98naw deg wyth(12)
99naw deg naw(11)
Numberin Welsh (masculine)(length)